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Dear Longwood,

We hope you, and your family weathered Hurricane Ian safely. To help expedite the recovery process, the City’s emergency permitting process is now in effect until November 28, 2022. Emergency Repairs may be made to residential and non-residential structures without an initial permit application submittal during this period.  Additionally, the review of emergency storm-related repairs will be prioritized over normal submittals during this time period.

Outlined Emergency Repairs that do not require a full permit package before work, during this period only:

•          Temporary roof repairs with plastic sheeting to make structures habitable or to prevent continuing damage due to rain and wind

•          Temporary exterior wall repairs with plastic sheeting or plywood to make structures habitable or to prevent continuing damage due to rain and wind

•          Repairs to interior ceilings to make buildings habitable or to drain accumulated flood waters

•          Repairs to steps

•          Temporary stabilization measures to avoid imminent building or structure collapse

•          Replacement of outdoor air conditioning units

•          Replacement of flooring in bathrooms

•          Replacement of cabinets

•          Roof repairs of less than 300 square feet

•          Replacement of less than 25 percent of windows and/ or doors in single family homes

•          Demolition of screened pool enclosures


Carpeting, wall tile work, interior painting, and wallpapering do not require a building permit.



  • A permit is still required to record the work and schedule inspections, and we ask that you contact the Building Division at (407) 260-3486 to provide initial permit information. This is important because, while we want you to be able to begin work as soon as possible, the proper permitting and inspection of the work is necessary and will prevent you future problems with the sale or insurance of your building or property in the future.
  • Each owner that is utilizing this process will need to provide written documentation of any structure labeled as destroyed or damage. Secondly, all work will need to have a permit package submitted within the initial 60-day period to be eligible for this process. The permit application will need to note the following: “Damage repair/replacement due to Hurricane Ian disaster”.
  • Additionally, for re-roof permits, certain standards in Florida statutes are suspended so that a Certified Residential, Certified Building, Certified General, or Certified Roofing Contractor may pull a re-roof permit, and complete any necessary work until November 22, 2022.

Lastly, as we have already seen an enormous response by contractors in our City, please make sure to only hire licensed and insured contractors. Please be cautious and ensure that you do not fall victim to an unlicensed contractor trying to take advantage of this disaster, putting your home, family, or business at risk.   


If you have any questions, please contact the Longwood Building Division at (407) 260-3486, or visit our website at http://www.LongwoodFl.org/169/Building for additional information and updates.



Phil Kersey, CBO

City of Longwood.


NOTE: All information submitted through this portal is considered public record, and is subject to release upon request pursuant to Florida Law.


NOTE: Information provided on this site may not reflect actual events, or correct information. The City of Longwood takes no responsibility for incorrectly submitted information.

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